Thursday, 11 July 2013

Back on Track

Hamburg provides us with a very passable bratwurst before a very comfortable last train to Berlin. Most of us are just ready to flake out after we reach our rather nice hostel in a suburb in the old Eastern zone of the  city. This must have somehow survived the war  and has been tastefully restored.

A long lie and a good shower followed by a breakfast that is neither out of a tube nor 40% proof  is most welcome. Today's start is quite relaxed and we decide to use some time to explore Berlin's Hauptbahnhof station. This is really a shopping mall sandwiched between two perpendicular railway stations.  Really a sight to see and quite close to normal tourist attractions like the Reichstag. Berlin definitely looks like it is worth a revisit.

Train 13 Berlin to Prague is a Czech train which arrives promptly but  with the coaches in the wrong place. There is a real stramash as we fight our way along the corridor to get to our reserved compartments but once we get settled in it is comfortable enough. Darren keeps us updated on the cricket which starts sensationally well but then the Aussies  put in a serious fightback. Gloom descends.

Morale is restored by a stately amble along the Elbe valley above Dresden.  The concencous view is that even the girls might enjoy this bit. We follow up with a visit to the restaurant car which is excellent. By the time we get to Prague we are in good form

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