Monday, 8 July 2013

Rudolph for breakfast

We are awoken by an announcement that our train is running over an hour late. The good news is that our connecting train will be held for us. It is distinctly cooler today with significant cloud cover. When we get into Trondheim all we have to do is cross the platform which is lucky the thing gets under way as we are evicting some idle young persons from our reserved seats. Time is quickly recovered as we head north. The train passes through a village called Hell.
Mike has slipped very easily into the role of catering manager. Watching him carve bread with a penknife  was real treat and the soft cheese,  baron and reindeer salami sandwiches are magnificent.

We are pretty chipper this morning as we reflect on Jock Loser 3 Jock Ovitch 0 and the rather splendid outcomes of the two weekend stages on the TdF.    There are no frontiers to toast today so opt for vno with our lunch of salt cod, salami, tomatos and cucumber. The £7 beers in the Buffet Car only find a couple of takers but it is soon time to toast the Arctic Circle , marked by a line of cairns. Grappa seemed approprate.

Think about this. We still have 7 hours more travel until we get to Narvik.

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  1. When is grappa not appropriate? Looks like you are travelling well though.