Friday, 5 July 2013

Day Zero


Still can't remember what it is that I have forgotten to pack so I will have to do without.

 According to the GCERC blog Route page tomorrow is Day 1 so logically today is Day Zero and for some of us it is the first day of our travels/travails. It is also the last chance I have to launch the blog from the feather bedded luxury of a real keyboard. From here on in posts will be put together on the Tab. Watch out for unintended comedy outcomes.

Today's plan is to get the train into Edinburgh (29 km) and then the 11.30 East Coast service to Kings Cross (632 km). Once in the Smoke it should be a short stroll to the Swinton Hotel and a meet up with Agent 00Mick .  We then aim to head out for a last taste of Blighty by way of a curry and maybe the odd beer.

 Spectacular European Capital Cities not visited by GCERC - No. 1

Hope to be updating progress as things happen on Twitter @DisorientatedD

It looks like the interview with Der Fuhrer is ON for tomorrow. 

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