Monday, 8 July 2013

Scandinavia for beginners

Stand easy. We made the connection and piled on board a Danish train for Gothenburg.  We had about 13 minutes in Copenhagen.  Somehow we managed to occupy the quiet section and made ourselves pretty unpopular by opening the cheese and salami.
Fairly soon after leaving Copenhagen we negotiate the  Oresund Crossing, a bridge/tunnel combo which takes us across the Baltic into Sweden. We are given a firm lecture about having fun in the quiet zone by a man who is merely passing through. Less amusing is the fact that some of the seats that we have occupied are reserved. Slowly we get dispersed throughout the train.
This bit of Sweden is remarkably flat, more like Holland really, and as a team we are all a bit flat. There are a couple of comedy station names to cheer us up but otherwise this is easily the dullest train that we have done so far. Gothenburg might be nice, but all that I saw was a 7-11 type of place. The train on to Oslo is a Norwegian one, quite ritzy and with free wifi so it was a chance to catch up on things.

The relentless diet of cheese and chocolate is interrupted by an issue of apples, rated by some as the highlight of the trip so far. We arrive on time  in  Trondheim at platform 18 where we are met by reinforcements in the shape of Mike G and Albert who have stepped into the provisioning breach. They have even brought cold beers which are very welcome by the time we have trekked over to Plaform 1 and checked into our small but perfectly formed twin birthed cabins. They are so small that we are onliged to have our party in the corridor..

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