Thursday, 4 July 2013

Squeaky Bum Time

Woke up this morning to a Facebook exhortation from our leader to pull our fingers out as there are only two days left. For yours truly that is now around 24 hours.The highly disciplined Secret Admin Thread on FB has now fragmented into a dozen different conversations, each wandering off at tangents of panic and recrimination. We are  not going to be short of shot glasses or chopping boards. Looks like things will be just as we envisaged all those months ago.

Starting to seriously worry now about what it is that I have forgotten. There must be something but I'm blowed if I can think what it is. Even the annoying fiddly things like putting the 11 other guys numbers in my phone have been done. Lawn mowed, paint bought so Mrs DD can decorate the bathroom while I am away, do I need spare shoelaces?

Places we won't have time to see Pt 1
Reasonably entertaining day at the Tour yesterday. Spotted this on Twitter. 

"Individual Tour de France stage wins: Mark Cavendish 24, Australia 23"

(Don't forget - DD is now a Twit @DisorientatedD - become a DD Disciple)


Luckily we only have a limited amount of time in Germany. This sounds really annoying. 
A German firm is proposing to transmit adverts via train windows so that the sound appears to "come from inside the user's head" when passengers lean against them. The idea would use bone conduction technology, a technique that transmits sound to the inner ear by passing vibrations through the skull.
Full piece here.

Where, I hear you ask, is the interview with our Glorious Leader? Good Question. 
I just hope that he is better at catching trains than he is at meeting journalistic deadlines. He is currently into his 14th minute of Fergie Time

Watch this space. We might get lucky yet.

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