Monday, 1 July 2013

Lloyds Slovenia Shocker!!!

That's Lloyds as in LloydsTSB rather than Lloyd S although his latest blog post did precipitate matters. I have been thinking that I had better let my card issuers know that I may be using my cards outside the UK. Lloyd's blog has definitively pinned down which countries will be visited in the Balkans and was my call to action.

When I told the nice lady at the call centre that I would be visiting 23 countries she was not at all phased and asked me which ones. Armed with a list in order of appearance I read them out and all was going well until we got to Slovenia. It would appear that the bank's computer does not list it. So somebody else will be buying the beers in Ljubljana.

My shiny Post Office Platinum card (no foreign transaction fees) is administered in Dublin (?!?) where a more laid back approach rules. "Where are you going?" "Twenty three countries around Europe" "OK. That's Europe then"

Time is rushing  by at a frightening rate. This counter thing on the Official Website is starting to get quite scary, particularly for those who's trip starts a day early. So much to do and so little time. I  need to prioritise here so that the essentials get covered. Just as soon the extended coverage of the Tour de France on ITV4 has finished. Yesterday wasn't quite as chaotic as the end of Stage 1 but was still entertaining.

Tomorrow we will be revealing the scary truth about Mike G 

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