Sunday, 7 July 2013

For you Tommy the smoking is over.

We get to Amsterdam on time and after a bit of messing about find my pal Mach who has been shopping for us and brings us cheeses, jars of rollmop herrings and some rather special beer. We don't have very long in the Dutch capital and we soon need to squeeze into our couchette cabin on the Borealis heading for Copenhagen.  Confusingly the station destination screen says Warsaw. A party breaks out along with a picnic. Der Fuhrers e cigarette causes a bit of a stushie and we are threatened with'Travel Cancellation' by the train manager.

On a lighter note Paul commenced a series of masterclasses for the photographically challenged.

We have an early call booked as we plan to stick our heads out of the window as we travel round the spiral that allows the train to climb the height of a battleship above the Keil Canal but the Germans have diverted the train in order to thwart us. It is also running a couple of hours late. Then it starts getting later which is quite scary. Our stroll round the Tivoli Gardens is at risk and even worse the provisioning arrangements are down the swanny.

It begins to look as if the 2 guys meeting us in Oslo will have 6 beds each on the Oslo - Trondheim sleeper.

Photos to follow when bandwidth permits.

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