Sunday, 7 July 2013

We are not a Stag Party.

Up bright and early on a sunny morning for the ten minute stroll to St Pancras where the teamare already starting the t-shirt ritual. Our Full English is accompanied by a couple of drinks. The food reminds us why we are embarking on a railborne gourmet tour of Europe.
Check in is more Easyjet than Orient Express but we don't have long to wait until we are boarding our first train. It  is only fitting that our leader has been allocated Seat 61.
The not very spectacular countryside flashes past as we christen the shot glasses. Two stops in France then we hit Brussels. We had a lively debate about what needed to be on the shopping list which resulted in a decision to have a Moules Frites lunch. A short hop on a local train takes us from Midi into the heart of Brussels where we get bread, cheese, wine and other essentials. The moules at Chez Leon are spot on, especially with a couple of beers.

The shopping isn't too tedious and the only downside is the groups in matching Stag Party t-shirts. Not like us. The bright red shiny Thalys is running a little late but makes up time despite being diverted. We don't want to be late in Amsterdam as we have a date.